This page offers information on the Kid’s Race event, times, parking, and any other questions you may have. For all other inquiries, please contact the Kid’s Race organizer via the contact page.


The race will be held at the intersection of East Mall and Thunderbird Blvd (race route). For those of you familiar with the UBC campus, the location of the race is one block south of the Technology Enterprise Facility building and Starbucks Coffee.


Check-in time is TBA. There will be one check-in table set up in the KID’S ZONE, please check-in all participants as soon as you arrive so they can receive a race name badge. The KID’S ZONE will be open at 1:00pm for all those wishing to arrive a bit early.


For anyone that has been to UBC, you will know that parking can be a bit troublesome. Preferred parking for the Kid’s Race and other UBC Grand Prix events can be found in the Thunderbird Parkade.


The scheduled start time of the Kid’s Race is 4:30pm and should finish at about 5:30. The 5-8 year old age group will race first, completing one lap around the 1km course. After the younger children finish, the 9-12 year old age group will complete two laps around the 1km course.


Please have your child’s bike(s) ready to go with tires pumped, brakes checked and so on. Also, every child will be required to have and wear a helmet during the race. Volunteers from Pedalheads Bike Programs will also be checking all the childern before the race to make sure that helmets are on safely and maximum safety is ensured. If you are concerned about your child’s biking or they express nervousness, please feel free to bike along with them, but please keep in mind that there will be many children on the track at one time. If you would like to bike with your child, please let one of the organizers know so that we can keep track of parents wanting to do this and the race does not get overwhelmed. If you would like to join your child, please make sure it is truly necessary, after all, it is a kid’s race!


All children will be directed safely back to the KID’S ZONE after the race to meet back with their parents. A participatory medal will be handed out to all pre-registered children (quantity limited). There will also be draw prizers that all racers will be eligible to win. As stated above, there will also be post-race refreshments for all participants courtesy of McDonalds Restaurants of Canada.


We will be allowing last minute drop-in registration as well, so if you have a play date that day or have visiting company with children, feel free to bring them along.


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